VEMMA Offers A Real Work From Home Income Opportunity

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There is tremendous acceptance to as a product concept. This means that most people know that they should supplement their diets but do not know what to do. What this means for you and me is that there is a chance to earn extra income with the VEMMA business opportunity!

As a product, it is simple, complete, convenient and complete. A quick two ounce shot provides you with all the vitamins and minerals you need for the day and the power of the mangosteen fruit and green tea. Aloe Vera is also in the blend.

The VEMMA compensation plan provides us with a real chance at work at home income. All that you do is build two success teams and when you add someone to the team everyone benefits. You provide the great tasting VEMMA product to family and friends and you will have a client base in just that small arena. I know because my own mother who could not stand MLM or network marketing (from her Avon and Tupperware days) began telling her friends about the new amount of energy she got from her NEW ! (And she hadn’t even sign up yet!)

VEMMA provides the best for me and my team!

I invite you to my vemmabuilder website to signup to receive more information by email about this wonderful extra income opportunity.


VEMMA – The Best Home Business Opportunity

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What makes VEMMA the that you can find today? It is simple is just that simple to build. Easy to present to your family and friends. That is it, now I know that you have heard this before, but for me it is now a reality. I have that same tools that everyone else has and I have the internet. So now VEMMA is the best internet for me and my family.

is a complete nutritional program and as a liquid it tastes great. This is a unique product that once you and friends begin to use will develop a continuing need to use this product. It is the because of the low investment in the business…FREE to signup!

With home business opportunity I work from my home office, gained tremendous tax advantages, get paid weekly, set my own hours and most of all VEMMA is simple, fun and something that I could do and I believe you can too.

Use the link below to take advantage of our FREE signup and tour the best home business opportunity, while you tour you will receive my team’s “Roadmap to Success”, that will explain how we use the internet to build our team. Join our team and we will send you a workbook with 2 audio cds to give you a working plan for creating wealth through the .

Go Here To Tour :

Kem Muhammad

VEMMA – Importance of Vitamin Supplements

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If your lifestyle is like mine’s it is fast paced. I leave the house in the morning at 6am sometimes to come home at 9pm. I am a network technician for a company in NYC. So with this kind of day you know that I was not eating correctly. I knew this and always used . Then I found the , one of the most complete , on the market today.

Using you would have to take about

This is just a short list the vitamins and minerals in . Along with being one of the best vitamin supplements it is the a simple home business. An the first business that I actually earned a check from. And you can too! VEMMA is exploding in use and can provide you with some , and . If you want to work with one of the fastest growing team on the east coast in VEMMA, well, we are the group for you.

Kem Muhammad
Follow Our “Road Map To Success”
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VeMMA – Network Marketing and Robert Kiyosaki

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Why do you recommend network marketing?

When asked this question, responded: “When I first heard about network marketing, I was against it. But after opening my mind, I began to see advantages that few other business opportunities offer.”

You can read more in his book that he co-wrote with , (who by the way also liked what he saw in the network marketing business model) “Why We Want You To Be Rich”, on page 305.

Here are my thoughts on network marketing…..

  1. Think carefully about the kind of product or service you’d like to sell, and choose a company with products you’d use even if you weren’t selling them.
  2. Before you sign up for the opportunity attend a teleconference or webcast or read all the company materials carefully.
  3. The basis of successful network marketing is to help others find success. Find a mentor.
  4. When you join a network marketing make sure you have a business plan and stick to that plan with your time and resources. With time and work, you can achieve your business goals.

The companies that I represent both offer and you order products when you want. If you want a FREE DVD about my business, complete the FREE, NO COST sign-up at the link below, I will send you a DVD.


-Newtork Marketing and Robert Kiyosaki

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VeMMA – Big East Championship

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My business has allowed me to be home and it paid a big dividend today. I was able to watch the , that started today on . Just imagine this picture in your mind: I’m sitting in front of my television on Wednesday at 12 noon with some potato chips and no one to interrupt me.

All because I want to get paid to drink a healthy and take vitamins. I started with the membership and then became a builder. My goal for next year is to buy the tickets to be at the games in

The VeMMA business is simple, fun and best of all easy to build and no cost to sign up!

Click Here To Learn More About The VeMMA Business

Click Here To Learn More About VERVE Energy Drink

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VeMMA – Antioxidants For 2008

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Antioxidant Power From The Mangosteen Fruit

We all take vitamins daily….
But who wants to choke down a handful of tablets every day? Introducing Vemma®, the cure for ‘pill fatigue syndrome’.

The liquid provides power of and . Here is what antioxidants are and can do for people.

Antioxidants are dietary substances including some nutrients such as beta carotene, vitamins C and E and selenium, that can prevent damage to your body cells or repair damage that has been done.

Antioxidants work by significantly slowing or preventing the oxidative — or damage from oxygen — process caused by substances called free radicals that can lead to cell dysfunction and the onset of problems like heart disease and . Antioxidants may also improve immune function and perhaps lower your risk for infection and cancer.

Click Here For Antioxidant Power From The Mangosteen Fruit

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How To Start List Building Quickly And Easily – 100% Guaranteed!

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How To Start List Building Quickly And Easily – 100% Guaranteed!

is a big part of . List building is one of the primary how to’s all must employ. This ebook ‘List Building Blueprint’ is a total list building practice that helps you build your list by giving you the information that master list builders use. Build your list like or .


$$$ How To Start List Building Quickly And Easily – 100% Guaranteed! $$$

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VeMMA – Liquid Multi Vitamin Supplement

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The majority of people do not eat a sufficiently balanced diet to provide them with all of the vitamins that they require and need a . Enter the most complete multi vitamin supplement available. The most obvious benefit to taking a multi vitamin supplement is convenience. Of course, a liquid is the most suitable form for children but it is also beneficial anyone who has difficulty taking supplements in traditional tablet form.

The increase in the availability of multi vitamin supplements has led to a great variety in the brands and also the actual content of the multi vitamin supplements. VeMMA brings to our bodies a liquid 2 ounce shot of the needed vitamins, essential , but also , and

Learn more about this liquid multi vitamin supplement here:

Tell Me More

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VeMMA – The Greatest Liquid Vitamin Supplement

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Most people do not realize that the body can absorb the nutrients from easier than from tablets. It is estimated that liquid vitamin supplements are actually absorbed at least five times better than regular vitamin pills. Of course, there are many other benefits that liquid vitamin supplements have over pills. For example, the liquid vitamin supplements are easier to swallow. This alone makes the VeMMA liquid vitamin supplement preferable to pills, especially for anyone who has trouble taking pills of any type.

The vitamins in many common pill supplements are actually packed too densely. This leads to a lot of the vitamins not being broken down and absorbed as they should do whereas the VeMMA liquid vitamin supplement does not have the same problem. Vitamin pills traditionally contain only one which means that you are going to have to take a whole handful of vitamin pills to get the same benefits as you do from many of the liquid vitamin supplements. The liquid vitamin supplement offers far more convenience and effectiveness for supplying the body with the vitamins that it needs. The cost of buying the equivalent number of vitamin pills to obtain the same results is also far more than that of nutritional program.


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VeMMA and List Building

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If you own or run a home business or are a network, affiliate or internet marketer then you know the mantra that is sung to us like a non stop chorus.

The MONEY is in the list! And it REALLY is.

And if you have had any time at list building then you know that it take a lot of everything. List building take time, effort, money and most of all, list building take focus. Good list builders just barrage you with a capture or landing page that will make you give up your email address and name before you know what hit you.

While others struggle at list building because they do not have a list building mentor. Well I found myself on and here is my new list build landing page that he helped me develop. Click Here ==> To See My Capture Page

Having a good list building attack plan is necessary to take my VeMMA home business to the next level! Click Here ==> To Visit My Mentors Website. He can help you to.

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